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It is the duty of the CBNE to assure each candidate seeking diplomate status meets all the requirements established by the Board. The general outline of this process is presented in the following five points.

  • The CBNE will accept all applications from qualified physicians.

  • The Board then reviews the didactic training each candidate received to ensure proper hours have been acquired, the appropriate topics covered and the training meets minimum standards as demonstrated by certification of the training course by an independent certifying body.

  • The board will then review the candidate’s work experience to assure the appropriate number of cases were treated and the prescribed hours logged. The candidate will submit a preceptor form which is an attestation from a qualified individual noting that required tasks were performed in an acceptable manner.

  • Qualified candidates will take an exam developed by the CBNE Board.

  • Finally, it is the responsibility of the Board to develop and administer board recertification procedures.